The salon business is one very vast business in the hair industry that has different services to offer, but the products and services you render and your ability to get clients to patronize you determine how far you’ll go in the business. Sometimes the challenge is in convincing clients to try out new products. What most salon owners do not understand is that there is a psychology to buying. There has to be a trigger.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself are;

  • What is that ‘thing’ about your product or service that would make your client want to buy from you?
  • Why would they prefer to buy similar products from someone else even though they have visited your facility and they know that you offer similar or exact kind of services?

Some of the questions you should ask yourself are;

Now here, let us examine two or more principles that applies to selling.

1. Know your products very well
Most times when a client walks in and you want to introduce something new, you must endeavor to not just sell the product or service from the perspective of it being the latest trend in town, you must be able to convince the client about the benefits of engaging such service. For instance, you’re trying to introduce a new nail polish or installation techniques, the client will expect you to explain further what makes this new product or service better, and your ability to present that product or service from a problem-solving perspective and the confidence with which you do that is what will convince the client to want to give a try, else the client may just assume that you’re trying to get more money off her especially if the new introduction is a bit more expensive.

2. Consider the client’s personality
There are clients who would want you to go straight to the point. If that is the case, try and build your message around that. Now there are others who would prefer you go the whole nine miles with them, for this category of people you go with what works for them too. Now, this is where your knowledge of the product will count a great deal. So here, you need very good communication skills to be able to win. For instance, you may need to adopt a persuasive method of communication. This here requires you to be able to get to the emotions of the client. Once you’re able to get to the emotions of the client, getting them to buy into the idea and to pay for it becomes a lot easier

3. Exude confidence
TIt is important that you appear very confident while trying to sell a product. The reason some clients may not buy from you is your inability to own the product. You must show that you have a total understanding of what you are offering. Remember, when it comes to selling, you’re not insisting, you are supposed to recommend, therefore while recommending your services, wear confidence because beyond that recommendation, what they end up buying is your confidence.

These are just three principles you must apply, if you want to get your clients to trust you and keep patronizing your services.

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