9 Ways to Run a Successful Salon Business

Starting a Salon Business whether it be barbering, spa, nail, weavon, makeup or Hair is always a venture most people are not prepared for psychologically. I don’t know how we got to the point of assuming it’s a no-brainer. A mistake I also made 13 years ago. You see when you have an 8 (or 7 in the case of bankers or some parastatals) to -6 job, have a passion, or just a stay at home mum who wants to start a business; The need for a backup plan or extra income makes us look for businesses that appear to be low risk and can be managed with little supervision or no experience. As much as this is the right step, we have erroneously put Salon business as such and this has led to the frustration and closing of many businesses in the industry.

Here are the 9 ways to running a successful Salon business:

  1. Salon business is first a “business”: A salon requires more than getting a space, furnishing, and buying equipment. You have to first remove that idea from your head and transfer it to a paper detailing how everything is supposed to work. The day-to-day operations and administration.
  2. Salon business is dynamic: Your average business structure or plans may not be effective pending on how relevant you want to become in the industry. There is a business course dedicated to salon business. Salon 360  is a course I suggest every person who is running or intends to run this business to take this class FIRST before spending their first or another dime.
  3. Who to hire: The type of salon you want to run determines; your staff, the equipment you buy, the level of skill or education required, and how you go about employing for your salon business.
  4. Staff responsibility: Staffing should be done based on responsibilities you have clearly earmarked for EACH staff. Meaning that the recruitment process plays an important role in the success of your business.
  5. Have a mentor: A teacher, coach, or support group (like the alumni groups we create after salon 360 class) in the industry that you can communicate with. Some of the people in our groups have scaled through your current situation and can give you valuable information.
  6. Get Clarity: If you are already in business. Get clarity with courses like Salon Business Education and leave the saturated market.
  7. Management Problems: If you are having management or staff behavioral problems. It shows a lack of policies and processes or the absence of an execution plan.
  8. Communication: Build a communication channel for your staff and clients. This means you pay attention to not just how your staff treat each other or the clients, but also what you put out on media.
  9. Know your USP: If you want to run a professional salon, the price and good location shouldn’t be your only USP.
Salon Business

Finally, if you have had some level of education or have put in a good fortune in setting up your salon, you can’t afford to run or price like the skilled person down the street. They will beat you at being cheap. Your overhead costs are different and your clients too. Remember people pay for the value they think they get from doing business with you, not what you think you are offering them.

If you need help creating or executing any of these processes, we are here to help you. just email salonbusinessafrica@gmail.com or call +2348097829980

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