Hair blowing

This has always been a controversial topic especially for people with virgin hair that have a no-heat policy because of “thermal damage”  who have recently realized that they still need to use a blow dryer every now and again. Their fears are founded but the fact that they may have missed is that blow dryers DO NOT cause damage but the person behind the dryer.

Blow dryers are like guns; in the hands of a professional it delivers maximum results, but the opposite is the case in the hands of an amateur.

Here are some questions that we should be able to answer if we must use blow dryers as stylists:
  • How are you supposed to hold a blow dryer?
  • What angle do you point it away or on the client?
  • Where do you apply the heat? How do you use the regulator? (using the cool and hot air to achieve the perfect finish?)
  • What is the ratio of cool to hot air when blow-drying?
  • What direction do you brush to close the cuticles?
Hair Blower
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Ahhhh!!! Are you for real?” you’d say;

I’ve not even scratched the surface of what you should know before handling a dryer or where to start from before trying to blow dry a person or client.

These are amongst the basic classes we teach at the Academy. We rehabilitate “experienced” stylists and teach the new ones to start right.

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