The beauty industry in Nigeria has recently become a hub where educated  men & women seek employment & business opportunities . This is quite evident in the number of persons who are in Hair business either selling the products or offering the services.

We have seen lots of resignations from corporate jobs by former employees turned entrepreneurs to start businesses in the Hair Industry and they are doing just fine increasing the Nation’s GDP.

The amazing part is the fact that we have more men becoming prominent in this once female dominated sector and I dare say they are doing quite well for themselves. ( Will do a post spotlighting some of them). This is because the requirements for breaking-even  is bordered around  professionalism and presentation; yes we have more clients who are concerned about the total health of their hair and are also aware of the risks of  unprofessional services.

Here are some statistics that should get young school leavers and job seekers thinking:

Professional stylists earn as much as N2,000,000.00 monthly and can double that amount in their peak seasons. Professional technicians, Trainers, and consultants in Nigeria they can earn from N 500,000 and above for their services alone in that same month. The job opportunities available are limitless once you find or create your niche.  The list goes on and on. BUT to earn at this level one has to understand that Hairdressing is not a skill acquired without education.

 It is a profession that is fully harnessed only by those who have acquired industry appropriate  education.

Getting professional training like PHT certificate course or the IHPCC courses sets you apart from the rest in the industry.

These trainings are available both online and classroom sessions.

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